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Soutenance de thèse de doctorat - Madame Thi Thai Binh TRAN - Lundi 29 juin 2020 - 14H

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la soutenance de thèse de doctorat de Madame Thi Thai Binh TRAN qui défendra ses travaux en Sciences de Gestion lundi 29 juin 2020 à 14h00.

Préparée dans le cadre du laboratoire de recherche CEREGE (EA 1722) sous la direction de Monsieur Eric MILLIOT, cette thèse s’intitule :




La composition du jury est la suivante :


  • Monsieur Eric MILLIOT, Professeur, Université de Poitiers, Directeur de Thèse
  • Monsieur Jean-Paul LEMAIRE, Professeur, ESCP Europe, rapporteur
  • Monsieur Frédéric PREVOT, Professeur, Kedge Business School, rapporteur
  • Monsieur André LE ROUX, Professeur, Université de Poitiers, suffragant
  • Monsieur Philippe MOUILLOT, MCF-HDR, Université de Poitiers, suffragant
  • Monsieur Jan SCHAAPER, MCF-HDR, Université de Bordeaux, suffragant




The objective of this research is to examine the strategic responses of air carriers in the region of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) when associating with opening up the ASEAN Single Aviation Market (ASAM) among ten member countries. We are seeking to address this matter by generating an analytical framework based on the dynamic capabilities transformation of an organization and the guidance of the Environment-Strategy-Organization (ESO) framework developed by Milliot (2013, 2014). We employ four case studies to explore specific actions against the external environmental impacts; the case studies are Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, Derry Air, and NokScoot Airlines. Our empirical survey is based on the analyses of the documents, the primary interviews with five top executives of the case-studied airlines and 14 regional and international aviation experts. In order to validate results from the demanding perspective, a Two-step Cluster analysis is proposed with data collected from 444 Cambodian and Vietnamese travelers residing in Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries that use airways as a means of their transportation within ASEAN region. Results indicate that technological change, global political forces, legal forces, governments, shareholders, suppliers, competitors, distributors, customers, and employees are the key attributes of the Stakeholder environment, which depict the most significant impact on the strategies developed by ASEAN-region airlines. This empirical study indicates that the process for strategic fit in the ASEAN airline industry must involve five types of strategies including a business growth strategy, an internal improvement strategy, a cost management strategy, a stakeholder management strategy, and a technology innovation strategy. These strategies are implemented and combined to achieve a strategic fit in confronting with external environmental impacts and obtain an organizational fit to head the airline toward a better competitiveness.


Key words: environmental change, strategic fit, stakeholder impacts, airlines, ASEAN region


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Vendredi, 26 Juin, 2020
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